Shut Out Scammers: Resources

As more people struggle with price increases and rising energy bills, rogue traders and companies may attempt to exploit the cost of living crisis and scam consumers by providing misleading information about products and services and posting misleading reviews online.

We are running a month-long Shut Out Scammers campaign throughout April 2024 aimed at empowering consumers and raising awareness of how they can protect themselves from misleading information and rogue traders.

Each week of the campaign will focus on a different issue which is likely to affect Scottish consumers:

  • Week 1 (1-7 April) – Empowering Consumers
  • Week 2 (8-14 April) – Impersonation Scams
  • Week 3 (15-21 April) – Maintenance/Home Improvement Scams
  • Week 4 (22-28 April) – Energy Scams

Partners can download resources below.

Social Media Toolkit

This PDF includes suggested messaging for each day of the campaign.

Partners should feel free to adapt messaging to suit their own channels.

Please use #ShutOutScammers in all posts.

Social Media Images

Click below to download a folder containing social media images to use throughout the campaign. Examples of images are shown below.

Partners should feel free to use images with any messaging.

The folder includes:

  • Shut out Scammers logo
  • 5 images illustrating the key campaign messages: Close the Door / Verify Identity / Research / Take Time / Report
  • 10 images including examples of common tactics used by doorstep scammers
  • 2 images showing where to find trusted information on home improvements and energy efficiency measures

Shut Out Scammers Leaflet

This A5 leaflet includes examples of common doorstep scams and information on how to avoid them. Partners are welcome to print leaflets and use them at in-person events or drop-in sessions or share them on their own websites. Partners can also add their own logos to the leaflet if required.

Two versions of the leaflet are available: one for sharing online and one which is print-ready.

Shut Out Scammers Posters

These six A4 posters use the ‘umbrella’ images from the social media toolkit. Partners are welcome to print postersand use them at in-person events or drop-in sessions or share them on their own websites. Each poster has a blank space at the bottom for partners to add their own logos or local information.

Posters are provided in JPG and PDF format.