Scam Share Spotlight

Each of the following PDFs shine a spotlight on a particular scam that is frequently reported by Scottish consumers. New PDFs will be published every fortnight. They can be viewed online or downloaded and printed off for those who are not online.

If Local Authority Trading Standards teams or partner organisations would like to customise these resources with their own logos, please get in touch with us to request this.

Delivery Scams

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a huge increase in scam emails and texts related to shipping or deliveries, as more consumers turn to online shopping.

HMRC Scams

HMRC have reported a huge rise in scams during the pandemic, having received over one million reports of bogus communications in the last year.

Amazon Scams

As more people have signed up for online streaming services during the pandemic, there has been an increase in scam phone calls supposedly from Amazon Prime.

Ticketing Scams

As more hospitality and event venues in Scotland are set to open over the next few weeks, demand for limited tickets and
reservations could be high.
Scammers may take advantage of this by advertising tickets which do not exist.

Doorstep Scams

As lockdown restrictions ease, rogue traders might step up their operations.
Doorstep scammers mainly operate during the summer months and go to great lengths to look legitimate.

Appliance Warranty / Insurance Scams

One of the most frequently reported phone scams in Scotland is the misleading sale of insurance or warranties for white goods and appliances.

Energy Scams

There is a lot of misleading information about grants and funding for energy efficiency products. Scottish consumers receive more nuisance calls from companies selling energy efficiency products than those in other parts of the UK.