Covid-19 Vaccine Passport Scams

As more people receive their COVID-19 vaccines, new scams are emerging inviting people to apply for a ‘Covid Pass’, a ‘Coronavirus Digital Passport’ or a ‘Covid Travel Certificate’.

Scam messages usually ask the recipient to click on a link leading to an online form which looks similar to the real NHS website – these bogus websites ask them to enter personal and financial details.

Some emails invite the recipient to apply for a ‘Coronavirus Digital Passport’ by clicking on a link. According to the email, applying for the passport ‘will allow you to travel safely and freely around the world without having to self-isolate’. The links in these emails lead to copycat websites with NHS branding which ask you to enter your personal details and pay a small ‘admin fee’ to receive the passport.

You will never be asked to pay to receive a copy of your vaccination status.
You will not be invited to apply for a ‘Coronavirus digital passport’ or travel certificate via email or text.

Find out how to download the NHS Scotland Covid Status app or request a copy of your status at

The NHS will NOT:

  • Ask you for any payment to receive a copy of your vaccination status
  • Ask you for bank details
  • Ask you to prove your identity by sending copies of personal documents such as passports
  • Tell you that you only have a limited time in which to apply to receive your status

Please make sure that family and friends are aware of these scams.

If you are concerned that you may have provided personal or financial information via a link in a scam message, contact Police Scotland on 101.

Avoid cyber threats and misleading information about vaccinations or other medical developments related to Covid-19 by checking official sources:

Examples of Scam Messages