Cost of Living Scams: Resources

As prices and bills continue to rise, many consumers will have financial worries heading into autumn and winter.

Scammers may attempt to exploit these anxieties and to target people online and via cold calls, emails and text messages in an attempt to obtain their personal details and bank account information.

We are running a month-long campaign in September aimed at raising awareness of potential scams linked to the ongoing cost of living crisis.
Each week of the campaign will focus on a different issue which is likely to affect Scottish consumers.

Partners can download the full social media toolkit here or individual toolkits for each week of the campaign are available below.

A printable A5 leaflet with information about scams related to the cost of living crisis has also been produced – any partners are welcome to use this at in-person events or drop-in sessions.

Download the leaflet here (PDF)

Week 1: Impersonation Scams

Key Issues

  • Fraudulent messages offering tax rebates or government grants/funding related to the cost of living crisis
  • Cold calls and phishing/smishing messages posing as official organisations and companies that attempt to obtain consumers’ personal and financial details

Week 2: Energy Efficiency Measures

Key Issues

  • Misleading adverts on social media
  • Doorstep scams related to energy efficiency products
  • Misleading info about roof insulation
  • Misleading info about grants/funding for energy efficiency measures


Week 3: Financial Scams

Key Issues

  • Investment scams
  • Banking scams (including courier fraud)
  • Online adverts for illegal loans
  • Illegal money lenders


Week 4: Counterfeit Goods/Online Shopping

Key Issues

  • Counterfeit clothing, toys, electrical products and cosmetics
  • Scam adverts on social media/search engines that clone big brands and offer deals/bargains
  • Copycat websites
  • Consumer rights when shopping online, including second-hand stores
  • Fake reviews online