Latest Scams

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General Advice for Avoiding Phone, Email and Text Scams

What to do if you receive cold calls or unsolicited emails or texts Do not press 1 or follow any other instructions given in an automated messageIf you are speaking to a person, don't give them any personal information, don't agree to make any payments and never allow...

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Council Tax Rebate

A number of Scottish consumers have recently been contacted by email, text or phone and told that they are due a council tax rebate. Some households in Scotland may be eligible for a council tax reduction but you will not receive an unsolicited call or email about it....

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Broadband Issues

Consumers have recently received a variety of scam calls related to broadband provision. They are often automated and some of the most frequent messages are: Your broadband account has been compromised. You are asked to press 1 to cancel the transactionYour broadband...

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Appliance Warranties / Insurance

There have been several recent reports about cold callers selling warranties or insurance for existing TVs, washing machines or other appliances: You’re told that your TV / washing machine / boiler insurance is due to be renewed and asked to give your bank details....

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HMRC Lawsuits / Tax Fraud

In recent months there have been a variety of scams reported relating to HMRC or tax fraud. Some of the most frequent scams are: An automated message tells you that HMRC are filing a lawsuit against you. You are asked to press 1 to be connected to a caseworker;A cold...

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Bank Fraud

There are several common scam calls and emails through which scammers try to obtain bank details: A cold call supposedly from your bank’s fraud department saying that your account has been compromised and that you will need to transfer funds to another accountAn email...

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Amazon Prime Subscription

Consumers across the country have been reporting large numbers of scams relating to Amazon Prime subscriptions: An automated message tells you that your Amazon Prime subscription is going to be renewed. You are asked to press 1 if you want to cancel the chargeAnother...

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