Broadband Provider Scams

Consumers have recently received a variety of scam calls related to broadband provision. They are often automated and some of the most frequent messages are:

  • Your broadband account has been compromised. You are asked to press 1 to cancel the transaction
  • Your broadband will be disconnected within 48 hours due to criminal activity on your account, unless you make a payment
  • Fraudulent activity has been noticed on your account. You are asked to confirm your account details.
  • Your computer has been hacked and the caller needs to be given remote access to fix it

Reported Scam

A consumer received a call supposedly from Talk Talk saying that there were problems with their computer. They allowed the caller remote access to their computer, on which details about their bank account were stored. They later discovered that almost £10,000 had been transferred from their bank account to another account

What to do:

  • Do not press 1 or follow any other instructions given in an automated message
  • If you are speaking to a person, don’t give them any personal information and don’t agree to make any payments on the spot
  • Never allow a cold caller to access your computer remotely
  • If in doubt, contact your broadband provider independently using the number listed on your contract or a recent bill
  • Report scams to Advice Direct Scotland

Report scam calls and texts to
Advice Direct Scotland