There have been several recent reports about cold callers selling warranties or insurance for existing TVs, washing machines or other appliances:

  • You’re told that your TV / washing machine / boiler insurance is due to be renewed and asked to give your bank details. You might be told that you are eligible for a special deal because you have a no claims bonus
  • You’re told that your Sky box needs replaced. You’re asked to provide your bank details so that a new box can be sent out to you
  • You’re told that a maintenance payment is due for your TV. The caller might say that court proceedings will be started against you if you don’t pay

Reported Scam

An elderly woman with dementia received a call in June offering her a service contract for a brand of television that she didn’t even own. She was confused and agreed to pay £200 for the contract.

What to do if you receive a similar call or message

  • Don’t give them a cold caller any personal information or bank details, even if they seem to know some of your details already
  • Don’t agree to make any payments on the spot. Take time to think about your decision and, if in doubt, contact the original supplier of the appliance to check whether you need a new warranty
  • Contact your bank immediately if you think you may have made a payment to a scammer or if you are worried that a fraudulent transaction has been made from your account. Use the phone number on your bank statement or a publicly listed number (don’t use a number given to you by a cold caller). To ensure that you are disconnected from the cold caller, phone another number such as 123 before phoning your bank or call them from another phone
  • Report any scam calls to Advice Direct Scotland