Amazon Scams

Police Scotland have recently received a number of reports of scam calls purportedly from Amazon. There are two frequently reported messages:

  • Your subscription is due for renewal and an automatic payment will be deducted from your bank account
  • A button has been clicked on your account and a payment is due as a result, but the caller can help you secure a refund

In both cases, the caller, who appears to be phoning from within Scotland, asks consumers to visit a website and download either software or an app in order to check their account. Downloading this software will grant the scammer access to your computer, where they could potentially access your bank account details.

Another cold call was recently reported, claiming to be from Amazon’s fraud department and saying that your account has been hacked. The caller says that an iPhone had been ordered and asked for your mobile account details in order to secure a refund.

Similarly, several Scottish consumers have received cold calls asking them to verify that they have recently purchased a smartphone and received a confirmation email. The caller asks for the consumer’s email address in order to resend the receipt.

In another frequently reported scam call, an automated message states that your Amazon Prime membership will be renewed for £39.99 unless you press 1. The actual annual subscription cost is £79.

Amazon state on their website that they will NEVER call and ask you to install an app or ask for remote access to your computer. They advise that if you receive a suspicious call, email or text claiming to be from Amazon which asks for personal information, a payment, or offers a refund you don’t expect, you should not give out any personal information.

What to do:

  • Do not press 1 or follow any other instructions given in an automated message
  • Don’t give any personal or account information to a cold caller
  • Never follow instructions from an unsolicited caller to download an app or software which would allow them to access your computer remotely
  • If in doubt, hang up and contact Amazon using details found on their official website
  • Report scams to Advice Direct Scotland
  • If you have been the victim of fraud, report it to Police Scotland on 101

Report scam calls and texts to
Advice Direct Scotland